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Crònica de Cheolsung Lee sobre la participació de “Massager” a FiraTàrrega 2016


In the beginning of the performance ‘Massager’, I explained to the audience for a while about why we need a massage. I said, “By the massage, our body can be well energized, and mind and soul too!” I experienced exactly the same by the massage from the nature and people in Tarrega and I was so well energized, healthy, full of inspiration and especially well energized with my heart by the big ‘Corazon’ of Tarrega’s people.

The participants(citizen-performers as street massagers) were usual people like me in the beginning, but we exchanged our energies, enjoyed them so much and made them grow up till they became one big Corazon! The performance ‘Massager’ is originally for the massage toward the heart, not just body. We served the massage to the audience by means of emotional and sensitive actions such as touching, driving hard and hugging the audience’s bodies.

The list of the participants was the following :
Yvonne(immigrant from Mexico. translator. my twin soul. – I can say she was a translator by heart, so she could really translate my soul. And her whole family including husband and two sons helped all the creation process everyday… surprising!),
Anja(immigrant from Mexico. Yvonne’s daughter. assistant translator. – She became an assistant translator for my soul so naturally, because she became one with me through her mom.),
Amat(from Tarrega. Participated to Fira Tarrega for last 25 years. – He really has a ‘Corazon’ as big as his tallness.),
Peppi(from Tarrega. a staff of Immigration Office. – Our actual coordinator to solve all the problems from the process, of course by big heart! Her boyfriend helped our creation process very often.),
Sami(immigrant from Morocco. technician for big wind generator and boxer. only earner for his family. – Through him I could recognize how the workers are going in Catalonia. The boss of his company called him for work even in the day of performance.)

All the artists of CCOT got so much inspired by the big energy of the participants. One day I told them, “This energy seems to be from Great Pyrenees! Buenos Air, Buenos Water, Buenos Food make Buenos People!” And then Sohjeong Ha said, “Yes you’re completely right!” And then Juyoun Kim said, “I seem to get pregnant from the moon yesterday night.” And lastly Hyewon Kim said, “Where is my ‘Tinto de Verano’?”

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