FiraTàrrega. Teatre al carrer
Firatàrrega 2017. Teatre al carrer del 7 al 10 de setembre

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Another brick in the wall - Pink Floyd

Kids, in FiraTàrrega, you can explore without limits! No education: which was already said in the Pink Floyd classic... #leavethekidsalone

Highway to hell - AC/DC

Life is not for cowards. Neither are the works we present here. Do you live on the edge? Throw yourself from the motorbike and enjoy this adrenaline itinerary. #circus #movement

Last dance - Donna Summer

100% dance. Street and hall. Follow the steps of this group of artists and there will be no stopping you. #dance #released

Life on Mars? - David Bowie

The 'rarities' of each house are welcome to FiraTàrrega. Yes, there is life on Mars. #icebreaker

No tinc temps - Mazoni

If the fair is synonymous with strength, this itinerary is the largest. Designed for the great gourmands. You'll have time? #overdose #livingontheedge

Oye como va - Celia Cruz

Indoor performance. Designed for lovers of the performing arts who prefer a the usual theatre, the most popular genres, such as chachacha! #vampires #welikethearmchair

Radio Baghdad - Patti Smith

We do not look the other way. Performing and street arts committed to the reality that surrounds us. Much needed discussions: participate! #inclusion

Respect - Aretha Franklin

Yes, we are feminists and we don't hide it. Keep track of the pieces that we raise under the banner of this planetary anthem. #wherearethewomen

Wa Yeah! - Antònia Font (

An accomplice tour designed by professionals of the website specializing in stage reviews. Pay attention, they know what they are talking about;) #recomana

Walk this way - Run DMC & Aerosmith

Over thirty years ago, this song popularized hip hop everywhere. FiraTàrrega is also the capital of urban culture. Follow this route. #streetart #swag

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Creation in town, Tàrrega calls for accomplice

By Mio Nakano, Cultural management master course student, intern at Fira Tàrrega Used to work on set decoration for films and TV commercials. Place + Story + Moment + You. You are the one who complete the affair. For the shooting, we travel a lot. The shooting locations are the places you won’t go […]

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