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  1. Jun 14 2024

    14 June 2024

    Open rehearsal by La Córcoles

    Company specialising in tightrope walking, a discipline that has not been seen at FiraTàrrega for years, and who will present Carena, which plays with the balance of the body, gesture and visual poetry. La Córcoles also has the support of El Canal Centre d'Arts Escèniques in Salt, the Festival Esbaiola't and the Festival Grec, where it has been able to develop the proposal.

  2. Jun 20 2024

    20 June 2024

    Open rehearsal by Ferran Orobitg

    The artist Ferran Orobitg develops his project Opia, which deals with the concept of the gaze of the people in the street and deploys two participative and ambulatory choreographic interventions that aim to generate situations that allow us to look at our surroundings, at ourselves and to be looked at. The creation started in the 2022 edition of Hivernem and has had several Creation Partners, like the French festival, Cratère Surfaces, the Montpellier centre of art and creation, L'Atelline, or the Festival Grec.

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  7. Sep 5 2024

    From 5 to 8 September 2024

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