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Territori Creatiu

Program for accompaniment, research, innovation and coproduction of creative processes, as well as professional training. There, FiraTàrrega places its expertise and knowledge in the performing arts, outdoor arts and public space at the disposal of creators and professionals. It is also a space for creative links with the population, the area and socio-economic agents to generate places for confluence, complicity and shared synergy for the benefit of stage creation and the individual and collective development of the community

General objectives

  • To bring new talent into the chain of creation for the stage: research, creation, production, exhibition and distribution.

  • To encourage research into new formats and dramaturgies for the outdoor arts and stage creations for public spaces.

  • To bring the citizenry closer to the processes of creation for the stage.

  • To share experience and capacities to establish new synergies of territorial revitalisation, beyond the strictly cultural sphere.

  • To contribute to training new professionals for the sector.

  • To contribute to generating new audiences.

Lines of action

The lines of action for Territori Creatiu are Hivernem, Suport a la Creació and the European project (Un)Common Spaces - In Situ.