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  1. Wednesday, 19 June 2024

    With 51 shows and 33% of premieres, FiraTàrrega 2024 will feature established artists and budding talent in street performing arts

    • From 5 to 8 September, this year's leitmotiv will be playing, with shows that require audience participation and go for a more festive approach
    • Sol Picó, with a large-format show, Claire Ducreux, with her last show before stepping down from performing, or French company Adhok will be part of a programme that mixes in up-and-coming talents such as Clara Ingold or Júlia Godino and Alexa Moya
    • 53% of the companies are Catalan; 25% of them, Spanish, 2% of them have members from different regions in Spain, and 20% of them are international, coming from Australia, Belgium, Canada, Czech Republic, France, Lithuania and Ukraine
    • In the professional sphere, FiraTàrrega will be boosting presence of programmers from all the municipalities in Lleida and there will be international delegations from North America and Lombardy

  2. Friday, 26 April 2024

    FiraTàrrega’s ‘Suport a la Creació’ programme reformulated to provide street art creators with more resources

    • The new 2025 call, that opens on the 1st of May, will select five companies annually. Each these of projects will receive assessment and €10,000, an improvement compared with the previous financial conditions 

    • FiraTàrrega wishes to promote a new system of co-productions with other agents and accomplices of creation, with the aim of ensuring greater solidity in the creative processes, more financial sustainability for the proposals and more market opportunities

    • The artistic management has presented the proposals that will form part of the Suport a la Creació (Support for Creation) for 2024 and the creations that will be developed in the coming months

  3. Wednesday, 21 June 2023

    Strolling will be the focus of FiraTàrrega 2023 in an edition that bets on participation and the return of large formats

    ● From the 7th to the 10th of September, there will be 46 performing arts proposals by 45 companies, 25 of which will be premieres

    ● La Veronal, Joan Català, Maria Palma or the joint piece between Alba G. Corral and the Orquestra Julià Carbonell are some of the names on a plural and varied programme

    ● 50% of the companies are Catalan; 22% from the rest of Spain and 28% from abroad from such new markets as Denmark, the Czech Republic or Lithuania

    ● FiraTarrega.Pro is reinforced as the platform of reference for the professional sector in the digital transition and there will be international delegations from Wallonie-Bruxelles and France

  4. Thursday, 4 May 2023

    For a more inclusive circus and street arts sector without abusive behaviour

    The SPEAK OUT (2023 - 2024) Together for a safer circus, project of which FiraTàrrega is part, is a European project that aims to prevent all types of discrimination and gender violence in the circus and street arts sector. It will be presented on the 11th of may 2023 as part of the Trapezi festival in Reus.

    FiraTàrrega 2022. Proyecto Resonantes © Nuria Boleda. Arxiu FiraTàrrega

  5. Thursday, 2 February 2023

    Territori Creatiu, FiraTàrrega’s programme of accompaniment of creative processes, presents 17 new artistic proposals.

    ► Territori Creatiu (Creative Territory) 2023 focusses on space, the public and the market as the backbones of this programme to accompany and assess in the creation and production of street arts.

    ► The artistic contents of the Territori Creatiu programme have been presented today, the 2nd of February, in a networking act where artists and Còmplices de la Creació have been invited to continue generating and extending complicities.

    ► Territori Creatiu agglutinates 17 artistic proposals 50% of which are theatre, 22% circus, 17% dance and the remaining 11% various disciplines like installations or music.

  6. Wednesday, 22 June 2022

    L’inesperat (The unexpected), motto of the 2022 edition of FiraTàrrega that vigorously recovers the public space and the street art proposals

    FiraTàrrega takes place from the 8th to the 11th of September 2022

    The 2022 edition FiraTàrrega 2022 goes back to its purest state and includes 62 artistic proposals, among which 17 come from Creative Territory

    The leitmotif of the edition is "The Unexpected" a motto that captures the spirit of surprise and what happens at the most unexpected moment, with a series of pieces that can be found anywhere and anytime

    Launch of, a digital platform that aims to be a year-round professional meeting space and the professional space for those accredited during the face-to-face edition

  7. Thursday, 3 February 2022

    FiraTàrregaPro’s first Creative Lab connects Catalan companies and international promotors linked to the street arts

    The first Creative Lab of FiraTàrregaPro Catalan Arts will take place on 3rd February. This is a digital meeting at which 4 artistic proposals by Catalan companies will be presented and at which 30 international promotors from 11 countries will take part.

    The aim of the proposal is to connect various cultural agents in the performing arts in the international scene with the professional and creative sector in Catalonia.

    The Creative Lab is part of the periodical activities of FiraTàrrega's professional platform.

  8. Friday, 21 January 2022

    FiraTàrrega gives new impetus to the accompaniment of the creation processes through the space, Territori Creatiu

    ► Territori Creatiu is focussed on the value of the process of stage creation and production, a trajectory that goes beyond the logic of immediacy and that incorporates concepts like research and innovation, rehearsal and error or professional accompaniment and assessment. A process whose aim is to land productions in the market with the highest guarantees of artistic quality.

    ► Hivernem, Suport a la Creació and Stalkers, together with IN SITU - (UN)COMMON SPACES European project are the programmes that bring together in this space of accompaniment for the creation of projects linked to the street arts.

    ► Territori Creatiu agglutinates up to 23 artistic proposals with a shared element: reclaiming public space as a place for reunion with the other.

  9. Friday, 19 November 2021

    FiraTàrrega hosts the first face-to-face artistic laboratory of the European project (Un)CommonSpaces in Tàrrega to explore new forms of creation in public space

    From the 22nd to the 26th of November, the first face-to-face meeting of this European project will take place in Tàrrega, with some sixty attendees (19 partners, 16 associated artists and 16 experts in various subjects) from 13 countries.

    The aim of the professional meeting is to encourage artistic creation and explore new forms for audience participation in the street arts, with the aim of inhabiting and regenerating public space.

    Alina Stockinger, from the company Eléctrico 28, is the artist proposed by FiraTàrrega as a specialist in street arts and Íngrid Guardiola as an expert in public digital space, technology and society.

  10. Tuesday, 29 June 2021

    "Inhabit space", motto of FiraTàrrega’s return in 2021, still affected by restrictions

    FiraTàrrega will take place from 9 to 12 September 2021.

    On-site activity resumes at an edition still affected by certain organisational restrictions that define it as an extraordinary edition where a good fifty performances will be possible to see.

    This September will see the celebration of the fair's 40 editions, which have only been interrupted precisely by the pandemic which continues to trail on.

    The leitmotif of the edition is "inhabit space", a motto which makes total sense at an event designed to reclaim the public space for the performing arts, even if a few restrictions are still in place.