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FiraTàrregaPro Catalan Arts

It is a meeting point for the sector, a marketplace that transcends time and space to offer its services beyond the days of FiraTàrrega and on a global level.

At FiraTàrregaPro, you'll find moreover the online platform with:

  • A directory of professionals ofthe sector.
  • A catalogue of projects.
  • A unique selection curated by members of the sector and FiraTàrrega.
  • A Univers of projects grouped according to themes, networks and territories
  • An agenda of professional events, periodic marketing, meeting and learning activities

We invite you to join the Community of FiraTàrregaPro, to submit your projects and to participate in the professional meetings.

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The FiraTàrregaPro team are

Mike Ribalta McElherron -

Aida Bañeres Argilés -