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Fira 2020

FiraTàrrega 2020 redefines its activity in a special edition that adapts to the consequences of the pandemic

∙ The festival's usual format has been postponed to 2021 and is being replaced by a special edition.

∙ The Support for Creation programme will stick to its goal of guiding scenic creation and constitutes the corpus of coproductions funded by FiraTàrrega, with a total of 18 shows. The residencies and open rehearsals in Tàrrega will be postponed until more ideal health and occupancy conditions can be guaranteed.

∙ The professional activity scheduled for 9 and 10 September will be maintained, but online, with a programme of meetings, presentations and talks centred on creating market dynamics in the national, state and international sphere.

∙ A travelling show tour, under the FiraTàrrega label, is soon to be launched, with a street performance art programme that will take shape in the first trimesters of 2021 in conjunction with activities designed to catalyse the market.

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Official Programme

2020 will be an special edition, without on-site artistic activity in the city of Tàrrega

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Edition 2020 canceled

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