FiraTàrrega. Teatre al carrer

Official Programme

Itineraries: What would they go to see...

Another brick in the wall - Pink Floyd

Kids, in FiraTàrrega, you can explore without limits! No education: which was already said in the Pink Floyd classic... #leavethekidsalone

Highway to hell - AC/DC

Life is not for cowards. Neither are the works we present here. Do you live on the edge? Throw yourself from the motorbike and enjoy this adrenaline itinerary. #circus #movement

Last dance - Donna Summer

100% dance. Street and hall. Follow the steps of this group of artists and there will be no stopping you. #dance #released

Life on Mars? - David Bowie

The 'rarities' of each house are welcome to FiraTàrrega. Yes, there is life on Mars. #icebreaker

No tinc temps - Mazoni

If the fair is synonymous with strength, this itinerary is the largest. Designed for the great gourmands. You'll have time? #overdose #livingontheedge

Oye como va - Celia Cruz

Indoor performance. Designed for lovers of the performing arts who prefer a the usual theatre, the most popular genres, such as chachacha! #vampires #welikethearmchair

Radio Baghdad - Patti Smith

We do not look the other way. Performing and street arts committed to the reality that surrounds us. Much needed discussions: participate! #inclusion

Respect - Aretha Franklin

Yes, we are feminists and we don't hide it. Keep track of the pieces that we raise under the banner of this planetary anthem. #wherearethewomen

Wa Yeah! - Antònia Font (

An accomplice tour designed by professionals of the website specializing in stage reviews. Pay attention, they know what they are talking about;) #recomana

Walk this way - Run DMC & Aerosmith

Over thirty years ago, this song popularized hip hop everywhere. FiraTàrrega is also the capital of urban culture. Follow this route. #streetart #swag