FiraTàrrega. Teatre al carrer

Official Programme

Itineraries: Options to eat up a programme

Heavy menu: Grand tour, of everything for everyone

Country Casserole + 'Orelletes' (fried cakes) with anise

Bourgeois Menu: Hall Theatre

Catalan salad + Pork belly and trotters + Cream cake + Coffee, drink and a cigar

Festa Major Menu: entertainment, fun and nostalgia

Prawn cocktail + Fricandeau + Orange ice cream dessert

Power Menu: Circus arts

Spaghetti carbonara + Veal entrecôte (600 g) + Musician’s dessert (nuts and Muscatel)

Children’s Menu

Neapolitan macaroni + Chicken breast in batter + Chocolate ice cream

Light Menu: Dance, movement arts

Golden delicious apple + Mineral water (1.5 L)

Recommended Menu: Made by the gourmets of

'Arròs a banda' (Rice cooked in fish stock) + Lemon sorbet

Vegan Menu: Politics, commitment, feminism, eco

Beetroot hummus + Vegan hamburger + Rye bread + Coconut water

Nouvelle cuisine: Contemporary proposals

Semi-curdled farm eggs with a poached onion, potato secret and olive treasure + Bonbons of 'carn d’olla' (stewed meat) with bread tempura + Delicious fruit salad bathed in fresh water essence