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Tuesday, 1 October 2019

FiraTàrrega 2020 opens the deadline for submitting artistic proposals

Starting today, and until the first of December 2019, you can send your artistic proposals to participate in the official programme of FiraTàrrega 2020.

In reference to programming, we have interest in four main pillars: territory, identity, commitment and reflection. The values that we wish to promote are related to transversality, adherence to social realities and research, in the knowledge that street arts in particular and performing arts in general are no longer conceived as a simple cultural expression but as a catalyst which, from their artistic proposals and creativity, must depict the requirements, concerns and social and political challenges of the 21st century: territory, individual and collective identity, memory, social inclusion, cultural democracy, uses of the public space, citizen expression, education, health, thought, multiculturality, intergenerational relationships, freedom of expression, innovation and many, many more.

We aim to provide a space for contemporary, conciliatory, universal, cohesive and critical discourse, without losing sight of the top quality jovial and entertaining aspects. We seek to strike a balance between recent trends, the product of artistic exchanges and collaborations and the provocation of research-based pieces under the framework of the Support for Creation programme. We want the programming to have a polyhedral perspective, addressing all kinds of audiences and with something to offer for all types of people.

Photo: Tony Clifton Circus. FiraTàrrega 2019 © Núria Boleda