FiraTàrrega. Teatre al carrer

Support for creation

By means of the Support for Creation programme FiraTàrrega has the express aim of stimulating and supporting the process of artistic creation that has a clear ingredient of research and innovation in the field of street arts and non-conventional theatre.

Every year there will be a selection of projects and a residency plan will be agreed on that will integrate the corpus of FiraTàrrega coproductions. The logistics, technical and promotional structure of the organization will be at the service of the creators, who will stay in Tàrrega to develop and rehearse their performances, which will be seen by means of a rehearsal programme open to the public.

The commitment to internationalising FiraTàrrega will mean that some of these proposals are in line with the creation of stimulating transnational coproductions that materialize into street performances.

History of selected companies