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Friday, 26 April 2024

FiraTàrrega’s ‘Suport a la Creació’ programme reformulated to provide street art creators with more resources

  • The new 2025 call, that opens on the 1st of May, will select five companies annually. Each these of projects will receive assessment and €10,000, an improvement compared with the previous financial conditions 

  • FiraTàrrega wishes to promote a new system of co-productions with other agents and accomplices of creation, with the aim of ensuring greater solidity in the creative processes, more financial sustainability for the proposals and more market opportunities

  • The artistic management has presented the proposals that will form part of the Suport a la Creació (Support for Creation) for 2024 and the creations that will be developed in the coming months

Tàrrega, 26th of April 2024. FiraTàrrega has presented the new basis for the Suport a la Creació programme from the 2025 call. This will be defined as the programme of accompanying and coproduction of street arts interested in contemporary aesthetics, the hybridisation of languages and artistic fields and the discovery of talent.

This programme aims to provide a framework for creators to experiment with new approaches, stage formats and street dramaturgies and for them to research into artist-spectator relational theatre, as well as into the participation of audiences in the creative processes.

The main changes to the new Suport a la Creació programme are the exclusivity of street-arts proposals, the reduction in the number of companies to five and a significant increase in the financial endowment, which rises to €10,000 euros per project.

Another novelty is that FiraTàrrega wishes to promote the creation of a new system of co-productions with other agents and accomplices in creation with the objective of ensuring greater financial sustainability for the proposals.

All these novelties aim to ensure the production, exhibition and distribution of street-art spectacles, supplying the market with innovative and solid pieces, and encouraging their contracting in the national and international fields.

Opening of the call

The public call for Suport a la Creació for 2025 opens on the 1st of May and companies interested can submit their proposals until the 30th of June on the web Subsequently, the artistic management of FiraTàrrega will evaluate the projects presented and select five of these according to the criteria set out in the conditions. The five will then be included in the calendar of residences, open rehearsals and training activities based on their production requirements. Once the creation process is complete, these proposals will be performed as part of FiraTàrrega.

The projects can adapt to two modalities of the timing of the creation process: annual or biennial (Guaret). In the former case, the shows have a calendar that should allow them to be performed in the same year's edition of FiraTàrrega, in September 2025. In the case of Guaret, the shows have two years to work on their production at a more leisurely pace and will be premiered at FiraTàrrega in September of the year following the call (2026).

The selection of the projects will mainly value that the street and the public space as the backbone of the pieces, the involvement of the audience in the creative process, the interrelationship with the place where the piece is performed or themes related to territories, identities and current topics.

The companies included in Suport a la Creació for 2024

Regarding the proposals that will be presented in 2024, there is a wide range of new experimental formats that take place exclusively in the street, and that bet on new ways of understanding the public space, the relationship with different landscapes and large- and medium-scale creations.

The artist Ferran Orobitg develops his project Opia, which deals with the concept of the gaze of the people in the street and deploys two participative and ambulatory choreographic interventions that aim to generate situations that allow us to look at our surroundings, at ourselves and to be looked at. The creation started in the 2022 edition of Hivernem and has had several Creation Partners, like the French festival, Cratère Surfaces, the Montpellier centre of art and creation, L'Atelline, or the Festival Grec.

The company Ça Marche, directed by Nico Jongen and Laura Viñals, will present Incendis, a piece that arises from the 2023 Hivernem call. In this case, the project focuses on the relationship between people and fires and has an installation that recreates, as faithfully as possible, the situation of a fire. The piece has also had the support of the Lieux Publiques space in Marseille and Azkuna Zentroa in Bilbao. It is currently the resident company at the Nau Ivanow (Barcelona).

La Córcoles is a company specialising in tightrope walking, a discipline that has not been seen at FiraTàrrega for years, and who will present Carena, which plays with the balance of the body, gesture and visual poetry. La Córcoles also has the support of El Canal Centre d'Arts Escèniques in Salt, the Festival Esbaiola't and the Festival Grec, where it has been able to develop the proposal.

Llum de Fideu is a theatre company who explore new forms of expression in the public space, putting poetry and detail in the centre. It is currently the resident company at the Nau Ivanow (Barcelona) and is part of the biennial Guaret selection. It is planned that they will do a residence in Tàrrega next autumn to continue with the research and creation of the piece Cut!, which has also been awarded the PATEA grant. This project requires the complicity of the audience and uses the device of a film shoot as a basis for generating a street-art proposal.

The intermediate creator Marc Salicrú is also part of Guaret and is starting the process for the development of Teatres de Campanya, a project that aims to approach a large format of contemporary aesthetics with public participation where the musical aspect will play a prominent role. The new project has the Festival Grec and the Institut de Cultura of Barcelona (ICUB) as Creation Partners. The first residence will be in 2025.

Proposals from the Guaret 2023

Sergi Estebanell was also one of the creators selected in the 2022 Hivernem call and, at the next edition of FiraTàrrega he will premiere Acts of liberation, a project with two branches. On one hand, there is the exhibition Museu de les Pors, on the other, the show Love for Free. Both experiences talk about fear, death, love, life and personal liberation. A sensorial, emotional and cathartic journey to connect with the people around us to. Acts of liberation is also a coproduction with the support of the Festival Grec.

In recent months, Kolektiv Lapso Cirk has been working on the piece QOROQ. This combines circus, balancing, risk and play while delving into the creation of a universe through the construction/destruction of the resources available. This coproduction is being undertaken jointly with the Festival TAC in Valladolid and the LEME from Portugal. It is the first time that FiraTàrrega and the Festival TAC have come together to coproduce a work, which will be premiered at the Valladolid festival in May 2024 and will also form part of the programme of the next edition of FiraTàrrega.