FiraTàrrega. Teatre al carrer

Suport a la Creació

We view the Suport a la Creació (Support for Creation) programme as a means by which we can accompany processes of artistic creation that are clearly motivated, in terms of research and innovation, by outdoor arts and public space, and integrate the manifold relationships between artists, professionals, the market, the city and citizenry.

There is an annual call and a selection of projects, and a creative residency plan is agreed that integrates the corpus of co-productions of FiraTàrrega. The organization's logistics as well as its technical and promotional structure will be at the service of creators, who will have the opportunity to stay in Tàrrega to develop and rehearse their performances, which will be performed in open rehearsals.

Project categories

Projects submitted must comply with one of these categories:

  • Planter. This is for companies presenting their shows for the first time and who require an art residency and rehearsal in a public space.
  • Marges. Established companies that are already selling shows. Their projects require an art residency or rehearsal in a public space.
  • Brot. For projects that are completing their production process and need to perform an in situ adaptation test in the city.
  • Guaret. Projects that have escaped the logic of immediacy and rapid consumption. The première will be performed in its second year of development at FiraTàrrega.
Participation proposals

Those companies interested in presenting their application must complete the registration form between 1st July and 15th September, thereby accepting the specific conditions of the Suport a la Creació programme. It will be positively valued that the projects have environmental sustainability and accessibility criteria. In the event that a project is selected, the residency is coordinated jointly with the company. As of 1st December, FiraTàrrega will inform interested parties whether or not they have been selected.

History of selected companies

Abast Elàstic, Aina Tur, Amantis, Àngel Duran, Animal Religion, Antonio Zúñiga & Melina Pereyra, Artistas Salchichas, Big Bouncers, Becki Parker & Vero Cendoya, Berubé, Laliberté & Roland, Carla Farreny, Carla Rovira, Cia. 104º, Cia. Hotel iocandi, Cia. Ignífuga, Cia. Maduixa, Cia. Moveo, Cia. Pagans, Cia. Pau Palaus, Cia. Vero Cendoya, Col·lectiu Desasosiego, Col·lectiu Que No Salga De Aquí, D'Jade, Deirdre Griffin, Deshakers, Diana Coca, Diana Gadish, Eléctrico 28, Emília Gargot, Enmedio y Andrea Paz, Ferida, Ferran Orobitg, Ferroluar, Foradelugar, Fundación Agrupación Colectiva, Glòria Ribera, Grandia, Martorell i Vilajoana, Haa Collective, Hans Down Circus, Harinera, Hermanas Picohueso, Holoqué, Hortzmuga Teatroa & Deabru Beltzak, Insectotròpics, Hui Basa, Insectotròpics, Íntims Produccions, Joan Català, John Fisherman, Júlia Farrero, Kamchàtka, Kernel Dance Theatre, La Industrial Teatrera, La Licuadora, La Veronal, LAminimAL, Lali Álvarez, Leire Mesa Les Cícliques, Les Impuxibles, Los Galindos, Macarena Recuerda Shepherd, Magí Serra i Anamaria Klajnšček, Mambo Project, Maria Palma, Métrica bárbara, Miquel Barcelona, Mumusic Circus, MVM Produccions, Nuyan Works, Obskené, Pamela Montenegro, Paral·lel Ensamble, Patricia Habchy Co., Planeta 15, Projecte Ingenu, Proyecto Resonantes, Quim Bigas, Rauxa, Rawscenography, Roberto G. Alonso, Roger Bernat/FFF, Rúbrica Teatre, Rui Paixão, Sienta la Cabeza, Silere, Sound de Secà, TeatrodeCerca, Tombs Creatius, Valeria Píriz.