FiraTàrrega. Teatre al carrer

Our mission

Our main mission is to invigorate the performing arts market, the internationalisation of the creators and the generation of strategic alliances to develop international street art productions or circuits.

As a public service, our primary focus is to offer our experience and knowledge to professionals and entities operating within the sector. We also aim to bring the performing arts to all members of society, guided especially by values such as cultural democracy, inclusion, gender equality, proximity and transparency.

Our aim is for the Fira project to reach a wide range of parties. Needless to say, this includes the public, the artists and the professionals. But we also want the project to reach all other industry agents, professional associations and distribution circuits, as well as any institution or individual with whom we can share values, concerns and goals, helping us to broaden the field of action of the performing arts: in other cultural sectors, in the field of public space management, urbanism and territory, child and teenager education, social integration, identity and equality, healthcare, innovation, thought, memory, intergenerational relationships, freedom of expression and multiculturality, among others.