FiraTàrrega. Teatre al carrer

Our mission

Mission: main goals

Our mission is to foster and guide artistic creation processes, contribute to the strengthening of the sector and nourish the creative talent market. Thus, we aim to bring performing arts to the citizenry and territory, striving for cultural democratisation, inclusion, equality, accessibility, sustainability and transparency.

Vision: How do we plan to achieve our goals?

  • We work constantly to contribute to the performing arts sphere and foster creativity, innovation, artistic production, research into the potentialities of the public space and street arts, as well as to improve the network and structures of exhibition and activate the market.
  • We pursue the sharing of knowledge, the creation of alliances based on networking, partnership and synergy with other organisations and significant projects, to broaden opportunities in the performing arts market in the national and international sphere.
  • We make FiraTàrrega's knowledge and network of partnerships accessible to artists by guiding creative processes, putting on shows and publicising them among players in the sector.
  • We work to serve cultural professionals with the aim of getting them in touch, provoking relationships, providing information and resources and facilitating dialogue.
  • We lead or participate in projects designed to maximise the organisation's operational capacity in the international sphere.
  • We aim to extend the project of the Fair to diverse populations. Needless to say, to the artists, professionals and citizenry. But also to all other members of the sector, professional associations and distribution networks, as well as any institution or person who shares our values, curiosities and goals and helps us broaden the field of action of performing arts: in all other cultural sectors, in the areas of public space management, urban planning and territory, education, social integration, identity and equality, therapeutic complementation, innovation, multiculturalism, tourism and many more.
  • We strive to ensure universal access to performing arts creations for all kinds of audiences, encouraging cultural democratisation, the citizenry's involvement in the processes of creation, generational turnover of audience and the search for new audiences and improving shows' accessibility.
  • We assume the role of cultural activators of the territory. We defend territorial decentralisation and the value of the cultural periphery and strive to establish the city of Tàrrega and its surroundings as a leading space for performing arts creativity and street arts in the international sphere.
  • We fight for the face-to-face nature of performing arts without renouncing digitalisation as a tool of professional facilitation, as a sphere of artistic exploration in terms of new audience experiences and as a tool of relating and improving users' experience with the Fair.
  • We defend the capability of culture in general and of performing arts in particular to foster critical thinking, community spirit and cooperation, comprehension between people, tolerance, the perception of the world as a space of coexistence and diversity, and as a useful tool for fighting indifference, polarisation, individualism, hatred and segregation.