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Users guide to the PRO Area

What is the PRO Area?

This year, FiraTàrrega will no longer print the Professional Manual on paper but has placed all the contents in the new PRO webapp.

This webapp holds all the information and documentation for professionals (list of contacts for the registered programmers, companies and exhibitors, agenda of activities and shows and other documents of interest).

You will be able to receive notifications on the browser, access it without connection or add it to the desktop of your mobile to access it as if were an app or through your browser without need for installation.

Add PRO Area like any other app

When you browse from your mobile browser, for example Chrome, you will find an alert to add PRO Area to your desktop screen. That will enable you to access it more easily and faster, as if it were an app.


You can receive alerts for the activities in your agenda. You only need to enable notifications when you first enter the web. * You will only receive notifications if you have a connection online.

Browsing offline

PRO Area · Espai PRO

On identifying yourself, you will see the main screen, from where you can access the different sections of the application


Registered professional organisations, companies in the programme and exhibitors. It includes a search engine  ,l an option to filter by country, region, interests or type and the record of each professional registered.

Agenda PRO

List with all the activities for professionals and shows organised by day and time with the option of adding the show or activity to your agenda.

Activities PRO

List of the activities for professionals


List of documents for professionals: Welcome, List of registered rganisations...

My agenda

All the events that you have marked as favourites to enable you to organise the shows and activities you want to attend.

If you have enabled the notifications, you will receive an alert 30 minutes before the start of the show or activity.