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Thursday, 2 February 2023

Territori Creatiu, FiraTàrrega’s programme of accompaniment of creative processes, presents 17 new artistic proposals.


► Territori Creatiu (Creative Territory) 2023 focusses on space, the public and the market as the backbones of this programme to accompany and assess in the creation and production of street arts.

► The artistic contents of the Territori Creatiu programme have been presented today, the 2nd of February, in a networking act where artists and Còmplices de la Creació have been invited to continue generating and extending complicities.

► Territori Creatiu agglutinates 17 artistic proposals 50% of which are theatre, 22% circus, 17% dance and the remaining 11% various disciplines like installations or music.

Tàrrega, 2nd February 2023. Space, public and market. This year, these are the three concepts through which FiraTàrrega focuses the accompaniment Territori Creatiu offers artists to move ahead with their processes of creation and stage production. This year, there are proposals where the street and the public space are protagonists, with long-standing artists and companies which take risks in formats but also emerging names to give space and voice for younger talent.

Because of the uniqueness of its surroundings and landscape, Tàrrega offers a wide range of possibilities to delve deeper into the concept of space in the street arts. The Fira continues to bet on the public the event draws, an audience with a long trajectory in street arts willing to place themselves at the disposition of creation and to form part of the creative processes and open rehearsals. FiraTàrrega also has years of experience in accompanying and assessing new creations in function of their routes and possibilities on the market. A process whose aim is to place the productions on the market and with the highest guarantees of artistic quality

Territori Creatiu is the programme of research, innovation, professional capacitation, accompaniment of creative processes and coproduction of shows, through which FiraTàrrega places its expertise in performing arts, street arts and public space at the disposal of creators and professionals. Likewise, it is the place for bonding with the citizenry, the territory and the socioeconomic agents to generate places of confluence, complicity and synergy in benefit of stage creation and the development of the community around the project of FiraTàrrega. The programme comprises the sections Hivernem, Suport a la Creació and In Situ - (Un)CommonSpaces and has some fifty Còmplices de la Creació who contribute to making the projects artistic viable and to covering the requirements of production. Among the Còmplices de la Creació, in 2023 there are the festival Grec, the Sismògraf, the Teatre Municipal de Juneda, the Nau Ivanow, the TAC in Valladolid, Festivales de los Castillos, the French Aurillac festival or the Theatre Op de Markt in Belgium.

Territori Creatiu 2023 is made up of 17 artistic proposals. All together, these suppose almost half the programme of FiraTàrrega which will take place this year between the 7th and 10th of September.


This is the programme co-organised with the Ramon Llull Institute, and corresponds to the first link in the creation of a spectacle, the stage of research and analysis. The aim is to contribute to the development of processes of dramaturgical writing linked to the arts in the street and public space, through research, the exchange of knowledge and mentoring with selected experts who guarantee the excellence of the writing, research and creation.

The 2 artists selected in 2022, and who will mature their projects in 3 creative residences during the year, are Alejandro Santaflorentina with Idil·li, a piece inspired in the Idylls by Theocritus and which is based on the fictional premise that all plant species are legal entities; and Nico Jongen with Incendis, research into fire that aims to document experiences and incentivise communal actions to generate hopeful future tales.

Suport a la Creació

The Suport a la Creació 2023 programme includes 15 artistic proposals of which 12 will be included in the programme of FiraTàrrega 2023 and 3 will have a 2-year creative journey and will be programmed in the 2024 edition of la Fira.

Regarding the former, we can highlight Alba G. Corral + Orquestra Julià Carbonell with Les terres com planetes dansant, a joint production between the Orquestra OJC of the Lleida area and FiraTàrrega with the collaboration of visual artist. An audio-visual show conceived as a great metaphor of the twinning of the Terres de Ponent and the Terres de l'Ebre, as if they were two planets in the same galaxy. Then there is Big Bouncers (Guaret, 22/23), with Plata, a street piece that focuses on the body and movement and uses the spaces of traffic to highlight the idea of contagion, affectation and transformation, Cia. Atzucac with Noves espiritualitats per a persones atees, a transdisciplinary theatrical spectacle to discover the forms spirituality and rituality adopt in the globalised society and the free market and Cia. Pagans (Guaret, 22/23) with El valor de res, a reflection about the links between the written word, rituals, memory and plant intelligence. Jo, travesti is the proposal by the Cia. Roberto G. Alonso, a multidisciplinary spectacle that, through theatre, dance, music and performance, reclaims the figure of the transvestite. Companyia de Circ eia has La pedra de fusta, a circus proposal built from the universe suggested by a metaphorical encounter between two materials. Farrés Brothers i Cia arrive with a first street piece directed by Marta Sitjà with the title HoHiHu. L'horrible història de la humanitat and tackles the history of humanity with humour, the only arm that change something. Joan Català (Guaret 22/23) presents Idiòfona, an installation built together with the audience that observes the dialogue between man and material while La Baldufa arrives with a new contemporary and theatrical circus creation where, for the first time, the members of the company are not the leading actors. The unclassifiable Marga Socias i Els Mals Endreços propose Orelles, a piece that changes into a game that leads us to reflect about fa how we listen and and how we want to be listened to. Maria Palma Cia. (Guaret, 22/23) and La veu submergida, a dialogue between the circus and an unusual medium, water. The immersive stroll by Quim Giron & Moon Ribas invites the audience to become part of a human herd and wander with and electronic cowbell in Ramat simfònic.

Regarding the long-running processes (Guaret 23/24) that will mature in 2024, we find the Cia. Manipulats with Xalats, an itinerant circus show for all ages where the spectators can make and taste the authentic Majorcan "bomba" ice cream. The Kolektiv Lapso Cirk and QOROQ, a circus piece that delves into the world of balancing and the creation of a universe through the construction/destruction of the resources available. And, finally, Sergi Estebanell who goes for an immersive experience in the form of a theme park with different artefacts and interactive experiences that talk about fear, death, love, life and personal freedom in Acts of liberation.

The activities of Suport a la Creació imply stays of residence in Tàrrega for the participating creators as well as a programme of open rehearsals citizenry that will be detailed later.

European Project In Situ, (Un)Common Spaces

Thanks to the European project (Un)Common Spaces 2020-2024 of the In Situ network, of which FiraTàrrega forms part, the joint exploration residence by the artists of Sauf le Dimanche and Eléctrico 28 will continue in 2023. After a first stay in Tàrrega (2022), the two companies will do a second one in 2023 in Evry (France) with the purpose of continuing to exchange and test working tools, about how to work the street and to interact with the public.