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Friday, 21 January 2022

FiraTàrrega gives new impetus to the accompaniment of the creation processes through the space, Territori Creatiu


► Territori Creatiu is focussed on the value of the process of stage creation and production, a trajectory that goes beyond the logic of immediacy and that incorporates concepts like research and innovation, rehearsal and error or professional accompaniment and assessment. A process whose aim is to land productions in the market with the highest guarantees of artistic quality.

► Hivernem, Suport a la Creació and Stalkers, together with IN SITU - (UN)COMMON SPACES European project are the programmes that bring together in this space of accompaniment for the creation of projects linked to the street arts.

► Territori Creatiu agglutinates up to 23 artistic proposals with a shared element: reclaiming public space as a place for reunion with the other.

Tàrrega, 21 January 2022. With the presentation of Territori Creatiu, FiraTàrrega gives the definitive impulse to its space of accompaniment for the processes of stage creation and production. A commitment that has matured in recent years and shown itself to be fully valid for guaranteeing the landing of new stage productions on the professional stage market and in many cases also of access to their internationalisation.

Territori Creatiu focusses on the value of the process, a trajectory that incorporates financial and technical support, creative residency stays, open rehearsals and that goes beyond the logic of immediacy incorporating such concepts as research and innovation, rehearsal and error, accompaniment, and professional training, participation of the citizenry and the generation of complicities with other organisations for the coproduction of the projects. In that sense, FiraTàrrega places at the disposal of creators and professionals its expertise and knowledge of the sector accumulated over 40 years of experience working in the performing arts, street arts and public space.

Territori Creatiu is made up of Hivernem, Suport a la Creació, Stalkers and IN SITU - (UN)COMMON SPACES.

23 artistic proposals from Catalonia, the Basque Country, France, Chile and Mexico make up this Territori Creatiu 2022. Among the Catalan projects, three are from the Lleida lands. All together, they will account for almost half of FiraTàrrega's programming for 2022 which will take place between the 8th and 11th of September.


Programme co-organised with the Institut Ramon Llull and that corresponds to the first step in the creation of a show, the research stage. The aim is to contribute to the development of dramaturgical writing processes linked to the street arts and public spaces, through research, exchanging knowledge and mentoring with selected experts who guarantee the excellence of the writing, research and creation.

The 2 artists selected in the 2021 call, and who will develop their projects in 3 creative residencies during the year, are Ferran Orobitg with Opia, a project focussed on the analysis of the role of the gaze and the links between the individual and the collective in public spaces, and Sergi Estebanell with Libera te ipsum, a research piece into such concepts as obedience and freedom in the behaviour of the citizenry in public spaces.

Suport a la Creació

The Suport a la Creació 2022 programme includes 16 artistic proposals that add to the 3 that were already part of the Guaret inter-annual section in 2021. The experience of the pandemic translates into many of the ideas as a reclamation of the public space as a place for reunion with the other and as a place for the unfolding of cultural expression and collective reflection.

Of the 19 projects selected, 14 are part of the programme of FiraTàrrega 2022 and 5 will have a 2-year creative itinerary and will be programmed in the 2023 edition of La Fira.

Among the former, we find: Artistas Salchichas with Hablar con las plantas para llegar a un paisaje, an immersive piece premiered at Sismògraf 2017 and that will be adapted specifically to the landscape of the Urgell and where the audience will interact with the surroundings and nature. Carla Rovira with Exit through the gift shop, an analysis of the relevance of the concept of success in the processes of gestation and maternity. Cia 104º (Guaret 21/22) with Runa, a piece of documentary circus and self-fiction that delves into such concepts as identity, the family and territorial boundaries. Cia. Pau Palaus (Guaret 21/22) with Zloty, a show about the story of two characters, ex members of an old circus troupe in decline since a storm damaged their big top. Col·lectiu Desasosiego with Un segundo bajo la arena, unconventional theatre based on the plot and some scenes from Bodas de sangre which mixes theatre, dance and live music. Hortzmuga Teatroa & Deabru Beltzak, two of the leading Basque street-theatre companies join forces to create an ambitious shared project: a contemporary street-based revision of Richard Wagner's opera The Flying Dutchman. Insectotròpics with Orpheus & Eurídice, a piece that, thanks to immersive technology, flows from mythological fable to contemporary chronicle. Lali Álvarez with Manifest inacabat de la Humanitat, a participative project that combines artistic creation, territorial work, community creation and thought. Obskené with Diumenge a la Grande Jatte (Sunday at the Grande Jatte), a recreation of the universe of the eponymous painting by the neo-impressionist artist Georges Seurat in a text show in the public space. Projecte Ingenu (Guaret, 21/22) with El dia que va morir l'últim panda, a reflection on what makes us human from visiting a dystopian future. Proyecto Resonantes with Trinario: Cuerpos Resonantes, ten story about the bodies that resonate from different latitudes and territories. Roger Bernat/FFF with Procés reconstituent, a device that invites the audience to move from observation to action. Rúbrica Teatre with Desclòs, a journey through time that covers the history of human beings and water asna essential, right, and Sound de Secà with Suma, a show whose creative starting point is the plus sign.

As for the long-duration processes (Guaret 22/23) which will materialise in 2023, we find Big Bouncers with Plata, a project with which they want to focus on the body and movement in relation with the urban space. Cia. Pagans with El valor de res, a multidisciplinary stage experience that explores the possibilities of integration the preforming arts, literature, technology and public space. DeShakers with Processos agorítmics, a sequence of artistic or agorythmic interventions that aim to generate a framework for action and critical thought where citizens can express their fears, desires and reflections on the world around us. Joan Català with Idiòfona, an installation built together with the audience that observes the dialogue between man and matter. Maria Palma with La veu submergida, a dialogue between the circus and an unusual medium, water.

The activity of Suport a la Creació implies residency stays in Tàrrega by the participating creators as well as a programme of rehearsals open to the citizenship that will be specified later.

IN SITU European project, (UN)COMMON SPACES

Thanks to the European project (UN)COMMON SPACES 2020-2024 from the IN SITU network, which we are part of, in 2022, Tàrrega will host an exploration residency by the artist Cristina Maldonado with La Muerte en el Día a Día which starts from based various questions related with funeral rites, death and our relationship with the deceased. On the other hand, the companies Sauf le Dimanche and Eléctrico 28 will join up to investigate common practices related with everyday life and gesture.


Finally, FiraTàrrega continues to back the Stalkers programme, a professional training space for young people between 18 and 25 interested in curating the living arts. FiraTàrrega is developing this project together with other festivals in the area: Festival Sâlmon, Sismògraf d'Olot, Terrassa Noves Tendències (TNT) and Eufònic (La Ràpita). A selection of young people from different places make an annual tour of all these festivals of different performing disciplines with the aim of facilitating and sharing tools that go beyond artistic creation: contracting, building ephemeral events, the role of programmers, stage creation/curating, etc.