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Friday, 19 November 2021

FiraTàrrega hosts the first face-to-face artistic laboratory of the European project (Un)CommonSpaces in Tàrrega to explore new forms of creation in public space


From the 22nd to the 26th of November, the first face-to-face meeting of this European project will take place in Tàrrega, with some sixty attendees (19 partners, 16 associated artists and 16 experts in various subjects) from 13 countries.

The aim of the professional meeting is to encourage artistic creation and explore new forms for audience participation in the street arts, with the aim of inhabiting and regenerating public space.

Alina Stockinger, from the company Eléctrico 28, is the artist proposed by FiraTàrrega as a specialist in street arts and Íngrid Guardiola as an expert in public digital space, technology and society.

Tàrrega, 15th de November 2021. After almost a year working electronically, postponing events and getting to know each other though the screens, the 19 partners, 16 associated artists and 16 associate citizens who make up the European project, (Un)Common Spaces, will finally meet in person in Tàrrega between the 22nd and 26th of November 2021.

In March 2018, FiraTàrrega joined InSitu[1], a European platform and think tank for artistic creation in public space. Through this network, a cooperation project was presented in the Europa Creativa 2020-2024 programme. Under the name of (Un)Common Spaces, it is designed to support the street arts as an artistic discipline that enables relation between the cultural sector and citizenry to be reinvented. The project was approved by the European Commission and goes ahead thanks to the impulse of 19 partners (including FiraTàrrega) from 13 countries (Austria, Belgium, Denmark, Spain, the USA, France, Hungary, Italy, Kosovo, Norway, the Netherlands, the United Kingdom and the Czech Republic) to work collaboratively between these partners, a selection of 16 artists and a circle of 16 citizens experts in various fields, to encourage artistic creations and explore new ways for public participation in the street arts and with the aim of inhabiting and regenerating public space. In the case of FiraTàrrega, Alina Stockinger from the company Eléctrico 28 has been proposed as a specialist artist in the street arts and Íngrid Guardiola as a citizen expert in digital public space, technology and society.

The (Un)Common Spaces Artistic Laboratory, to be held in Tàrrega over 4 days, aims to reinforce the relations between artists, partners and citizens through meetings in small groups while also encouraging informal moments and getting to know the world of the artists during open-air artistic experiments. Hosted by FiraTàrrega, a partner of IN-SITU in Catalonia, this artistic laboratory and professional meeting will offer an impulse and space dedicated especially to artistic works and exchanges around social themes linked to the projects. Some of these will become part of future editions of FiraTàrrega. This week will also be an occasion for the associated citizenry to meet the artists and partners and take an active part in the project.

The participation of FiraTàrrega in this project has been possible thanks to the support of Catalan Arts - Catalan Institute Cultural Businesses in the strategic markets in Catalonia. Between the 12th and 17th of April 2021, the first (Un)Common Spaces laboratory was held. This was a virtual meeting to enable the partners, selected artists and specialist citizens to contact each other, prior to exchanging knowledge and beginning to flesh out details of the generic targets in the proposal. It will now be possible to move forward with the project in person in Tàrrega.

Outstanding calendar

We highlight the most relevant moments and times for the coverage of the international meeting hosted by FiraTàrrega.

Welcome Introduction - Welcoming the participants. With the presence of Alba Pijuan, president of the Board of FiraTàrrega and the town's mayor. Tuesday 23rd of November. 09:30. Punt Jove de Tàrrega (Solana, 6).

Afternoon walks- walks around various parts of the town with the meeting participants. Tuesday 23rd of November. 15:00 to 17:00. Sant Eloi Parc.

Artistic experimentations outdoors - Presentations and open-air artistic experiments by the artists and companies selected by the different countries. Thursday 24th of November. 15:00 to 17:00. Thursday 25th of November. 15:00 to 16:30.

[1] IN-SITU is the European platform for artistic creation in public space led by Lieux Publics (FR). Since 2003, it has given support to over 250 artists who work in non-conventional artistic spaces. It is an ecosystem that connects a new generation of artists with audiences, programmers and key actors involved in the economic, political and social realities around Europe. More information at