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Monday, 21 March 2016

The conclusions of Fresh Street #1 published, the first European seminar for the development of street arts

The seminar, sponsored by FiraTàrrega and Circostrada, was held last September in Barcelona and Tàrrega.

The role of street arts is reaffirmed as a key element in transforming the relationship between space and its inhabitants.

Cohesion among citizens, economic development and social change through street arts are other factors that are considered crucial.

Training and education, crucial for the future of performing street arts.

FiraTàrrega and Circostrada have published in electronic form the conclusions of the Fresh Street #1 seminar, designed to determine which lines European polices have to adopt concerning the promotion of street arts. The seminar Fresh Street #1 took place in Barcelona and Tàrrega during the last edition of the fair, from 9 to 11 September 2015.

This meeting served to paint an overall picture of the sector in Europe today and reflect on how we can image the street arts of tomorrow. For three days a discussion took place on the status and role of street arts, public space, mobility, training and education, aesthetics... through various open panels and workshops conducted by recognized European professionals.

Street arts are the most inclusive and democratic artistic expression existing, and to encourage them, we need to create a European network that works together to study and analyse its potential, for example, cohesion among citizens, economic development or the use of public space. We must bear in mind that street arts have a considerable impact on the regeneration of public spaces, which are a key element in transforming the relationship between space and its inhabitants. Thus, we can conclude that there is now a real opportunity to elevate the role of street arts, which regenerates public space and social change.

Regarding future challenges, the findings show that partnerships can be developed between artists, groups and companies in order to create links. Encouraging international cultural mobility will increase the appearance of new works and projects and will also result in reaching new audiences. Regarding education and the transmission of street arts, future artists must think of themselves as agents of social change.

Fresh Street #1 was the first European meeting dedicated to the development of street arts, organized by FiraTàrrega and the Circostrada network, with the support of the Ministry of Culture of the Generalitat de Catalunya, the Ramon Llull Institute and Acción Cultural Española. The event brought together more than 200 international cultural agents from 29 countries, with key roles in the performing arts: professional artists, cultural policy makers, critics and the press.

The Fresh Street team proposes that this event will become a biennial celebration, to assess the results, discuss future challenges and identify new potential street arts.

You can view the conclusions document 'Fresh Street #1. Synthesis of discussions' here.