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Zona Off

The Zona Off has aimed to promote coexistence between Off artists and the FiraTàrrega official programme. There are five venues where the artists not included in the official programme can play during the fair. 

How it works

The artists will have an OFF accreditation that they must collect at the Information Point in Plaça de les Nacions.

Every day, at 10am, a draw is held in Plaça de les Nacions, self-managed by the Off artists themselves, in which the performance times and spaces are distributed. It is essential to have accreditation to participate in the draw.

FiraTàrrega does not assume the hourly organization of these venues.

Bounded venues

  • Pl. del Carme (Quiosc)
  • Pl. del Carme / C. del Carme
  • Pl. d'Anselm Clavé
  • C. del Carme / C. de Sta. Anna
  • Pl. Major
  • Pl. de St. Antoni
  • C/ del Migdia

These scenic spaces have approximate sizes of 4 x 4 meters and are equipped with a 220V electrical connection. You can see the location within the city on the map.

The use of these venues is subject to five basic rules

  1. RESPECT the performance of official events
  2. DO NOT ASSEMBLE STRUCTURES that compromise safety or block the passage of people
  3. Electrical OUTLETS CAN BE USED unless they interfere with the official shows
  4. MAXIMUM DURATION of performances: 45 minutes
  5. AUTHORIZED HOURS: Thursday from 17:00 to 00:00; Friday and Saturday from 11am to 2am; Sunday from 11am to 9pm.

Thanks for your support!