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Friday, 30 August 2013

FiraTàrrega 2013, international centre for bookings and debate among professionals

The Fira offers the professional sector a wide range of activities to promote contacts, exchanges and the training of companies, programmers and distributors in street arts and the performing arts in general. A panel discussion on Mexican creativity today; a gathering of professionals organised by the Circostrada network, focused on street arts in Europe now and in the future; and a talk by CircusInfo Finland on the state of Finnish circus production are just part of what's on offer. The Department of Culture of the Generalitat of Catalonia is organising a meeting between Catalan companies and associations and professionals from around the world, aimed at generating bookings and promoting the presence of Catalan artists in other countries

FiraTàrrega attaches great importance to its artistic side, but at the same time gives a lot of emphasis to the aspects which most directly affect professionals in street arts and the performing arts in general. Therefore, the Fira provides activities specifically designed so as to foster contacts between them (companies, programmers, distributors...). In fact, this is one of the major objectives and a basic reason for the existence of the Fira, and this year we have gone a step further and have diversified and expanded the activities aimed at professionals. 612 professionals from 345 different bodies have registered to date for the 33rd edition of the Fira. Of these, 335 are Catalan, 108 come from the rest of the Spanish state, and 169 are from abroad.

Talks, training sessions and presentations for professionals of all sorts

With this approach, and with well over a dozen professional activities being presented this year, the Fira has established itself as a centre for conferences, workshops, presentations and meetings of associations, all these being understood as spaces for exchange and reflection among professionals in this field. Most activities will take place in La Llotja. This 1,100 m2 exhibition hall, with stands, conference rooms, meeting spaces and all the services needed by professionals and the press, is definitively the epicentre for professional relations at the Fira. Of all the professional activities - which will be conducted in Catalan, Spanish or English - we highlight the following:

· Information session on digital marketing and positioning in the cultural field, presented by Playbrand. This course, aimed at cultural professionals and performing arts companies, explains techniques and novelties in the use of Internet 2.0, and how to use these tools and get the maximum benefit from them. Spaces for registered professionals are filling up fast.

· Focus on Mexico. Mexico is the guest country at FiraTàrrega 2013 and therefore, of course, also has a special presence in the professional section. Apart from being a showcase for the most outstanding and innovative artistic productions from Mexico, FiraTàrrega will benefit from the presence of an important delegation of professionals from this country, who will participate in the panel discussion, Panorama de Correspondències. Taking part in the discussion will be some of the most outstanding professionals from the Mexican cultural scene today, who are participating in the Fira in order to explain the most significant and unique aspects of artistic creation in Mexico.

· Lunchtime Meeting hosted by the Department of Culture of the Generalitat de Catalunya. For the seventh year running, the Department of Culture of the Generalitat of Catalonia will host within the Fira a Lunchtime Meeting, which is an essential informal meeting point for networking and sales between Catalan companies, associations and international professionals, with the active participation of FiraTàrrega. Thanks to this initiative, Catalan artists and companies obtain valuable bookings and international exposure.

· CircusNext - Presentation for Spanish and Catalan professionals. A European cooperation project whose aim is to identify, accompany and support emerging artists in the field of contemporary circus. Presented by Juliette Beaume and organised by La Central del Circ, in collaboration with Jeunes Talents Cirque Europe.

· "Off the Record", Circostrada network. Gathering to exchange information between promoters on current and future street arts productions. It will consist of an informal session on the shows, artistic creations and companies available to be programmed in the future. Organised by Circostrada, a European network for street arts and circus, which focuses on information, observation and the promotion of professional exchanges.

· "Taste of Finland", CircusInfo Finland. This body, responsible for the development and support of Finnish circus, illustrates the creativity, modernity and dynamism of circus in Finland. The talk will be given by Lotta Vaulo, Managing Director, and Sara Kuusi, head of international relations. With the participation of the artistic company Agit-Cirk.

In addition to these activities, there will be several presentations of initiatives: the online guide Catalan Performing Arts; the website; the Association of Professional Actors and Directors of Catalonia (AADPC); a selection of Espectacles Alcover 2013/2014; the activity "We are shows for everyone. We are the TTP "; an activity that will take place in different parts of Catalonia on 15 September to raise funds and give visibility to the sector; and the 2013 edition of Euskal Teatroa (Basque Theatre).

In addition to the Llotja, all registered professionals will have at their disposal the Professionals Club, a comfortable meeting space, fun and informal, ideal for having meals and relaxing from an intense day of viewing shows and taking part in talks and presentations.

* Note that registration for professionals is still open; the closing date is 1 September. See the section for professionals on the FiraTàrrega website: /professionals/

* You will find a full calendar of activities for professionals attached to this press release.