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Monday, 22 June 2015

The registration process for professionals at FiraTàrrega 2015 is now open

Tàrrega, 22nd June 2015 - The registration process for this year´s FiraTàrrega Fair has now officially started. The fair will take place from 10th to 13th September. All professionals and companies interested in participating have until 4th September to register for the annual strategic market for performing arts. There is a 15% discount for those who register before 17th August.   

Registration is limited to culture professionals (performing arts programmers, companies, distributors, institutions, associations, etc) and allows all members access to the full programme, contact with companies in the sector, and participation in many activities organised exclusively for registered members.

There will be two areas dedicated to professional interaction: La Llotja, a Fair space of 1,100 square metres, with stands, areas for presentations, auditoriums, meeting points and all necessary services for professionals and the press. It will be the business, presentations and conferences hub for all daytime activities. The Professionals Club (El Club dels Professionals) will be the evening meeting point. A comfortable, informal area for relaxing, casual conversation, a quiet evening meal or evening socialising.  

A VERY SPECIAL YEAR - FiraTàrrega 2015 will be where culture professionals forge the outlook of European street arts for the 21st century, within the framework of the European Seminar for the Development of Street Arts at Fresh Street #1. This event welcomes the presence of key professionals from the European and international performing arts sector, and Catalan professionals are welcome to actively participate. For more information please go to: /professionals/fresh-street/

PREFERENTIAL ACCESS TO ASSOCIATED PROFESSIONALS - FiraTàrrega has maintained collaborations with the following companies and organisations: The Association of Professional Actors and Directors of Catalonia (Associació d'Actors i Directors Professionals de Catalunya - AADPC), Theatre Association for All Audiences (Associació de Teatres per a Tots els Públics - TTP), Professional Association for Cultural Management (Associació de Professionals de la Gestió Cultural), The Alcover Theatre Network (Xarxa Alcover de teatres), ADGAE and the Italian Arts Network, C.L.A.P, and this year we are also delighted to welcome the Andalusian Circus Association (Asociación de Circo de Andalucía - ACA). These agreements grant preferential status for associate members at the umbrella stands for corresponding associations of La Llotja, project presentations, and registration for partners with significant discounts. 

For the fourth consecutive year, and with the support of local government body, the Diputació de Lleida, FiraTàrrega offers free registration to local programmers from the Lleida region with the aim of promoting and encouraging associations with performing arts professionals of the area.   

All professionals who wish to participate in the performing arts market held during the second week of September, and who haven't yet received the registration information, can request their addition to the professional database by sending an email to: pro(ELIMINAR) or by going to the professional section of the fair´s web page: