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Monday, 9 February 2015

Entries are now being accepted for the Ramon Roca Boncompte Award for studies in cultural management

As of this year, the 6,000€ prize, awarded by the Ros Roca Group and FiraTàrrega, will be dedicated to written research in the field of cultural management

On 9th February 2015, Tàrrega saw the launch of the fifth International Ramon Roca Boncompte Award for studies in cultural management. This year the organisation is focussing on project typology, and centring on studies presented in essay form, which show universal character, reach and application. The aim of this new focus is to encourage a more reflexive approach in entries.

The award continues to promote the diffusion of studies in cultural management, as one of only a few international awards that exist in the field. The award entries will be judged on four main criteria: their relevance and reflexive innovation, their potential to affect social, political and cultural change, their possible applications, and their methodology.

A second new feature in this fifth award ceremony will be the presentation of the award itself, which will take the form of the public presentation of the winning essay, to be held in November. The judges' panel is made up of representatives from the award's organising bodies, and experts in cultural management from different Catalan universities (UdL, UB, UPF and UOC), and this year welcomes the collaboration of the Association of Cultural Managers of Catalonia (AGCC). The judges' deliberations and the publication of the winning essay will take place during October 2015.

Last year's award received a total of fifteen entries of different research projects and studies, and the prize was awarded to Tino Carreño Morales, for his project Festival Management in Times of Crisis: An Analysis of Economic and Labour Strategies and the Impact of the Economic Recession (¨La gestión de festivales en tiempos de crisis: análisis de las estrategias financieras y laborales e impacto de la recesión económica¨). The study consisted of an analysis of the impact of the downturn on the management of various music, audio-visual and scenic art festivals in Spain.