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Thursday, 10 April 2014

FiraTàrrega hosts 10 companies from April to September within its “Support Creation” programme

FiraTàrrega. April 2014 - In its fourth consecutive year, FiraTàrrega is supporting the creation of art shows in the street with different creative labs, artistic residencies and transnational coproduction shows. The Support Creation project will be presented on Thursday 10 April at the Moritz Factory in Barcelona.    

FiraTàrrega's Support Creation programme's objective is to encourage scenic creativity with the production of shows in the street and in non-conventional spaces. It has established a programme of artistic residencies that covers three lines of action: Creation Labs, Artistic Residencies and Transnational Co-productions. They will take place during Spring and Summer. The Fair is always mindful of the city's inhabitants, so this programme offers everyone the option to attend each stage of the creation process in all of the different shows. From April until the dates of the actual Fair (11-14 September, 2014), the creation process will be part of the city's daily life - and is not just open to locals, but to people from all over the country and people from the cultural field.

As the rehearsals are open to the public there is first-hand access to the development of their research and creative work. And, at the same time, artists and companies are able to test their productions before the official opening day of the Fair.

The theatre companies will settle in the city of Tarrega from this April, and they have the support of the FiraTàrrega team as well as the resources from the organization. The result of this work will become part of the programme chosen for the FiraTàrrega Fair 2014.   

The Support Creation programme spotlights the encouraging work of arts in the open air which is carried out throughout the year from FiraTàrrega. It is a task that explicitly focuses on the processes of creative renovation. Some of the Fair's specific objectives are the promotion of creation among emerging artists, the drive to motivate training focused on artistic creation, and the creation of strategic alliances to develop circuits or productions (both at a national and at a transnational level) of art in the street. 

In 2012, TàrregaFair established a cooperation agreement with the crowdfunding company Verkami by which all companies participating in the Support Creation Programme could have access to a micro-sponsorship programme to enable their productions to become financially viable.

Jordi Duran with the companies