FiraTàrrega. Teatre al carrer
Firatàrrega 2016. Teatre al carrer del 8 al 11 de setembre

Itineraries: What would they go to see?...

Bruce Lee & Federico Fellini

From urban to contemporary dance or the circus. This course is presented as a journey through contents marked by physical exertion, technical prowess and high performance poetry

Chuck Norris & Angelina Jolie

Live a wild experience only suitable for trained bodies and open and resilient minds. A selection of performances that will take you to the limit

Donald & Melania Trump

All indoor. This tour sets an example and integrates a route suitable for those who don't like sitting in squares, nor getting a bit tanned while enjoying a good show in a public space

The theatral critics from

A route designed by professional opinion formers from the website specializing in reviews of the performing arts

Ernest Hemingway & Ferran Adrià

Selection for the most serious gourmets, lovers of detail and a peaceful life. Do not miss this tasting, a breath of fresh air served in very charming places

Gerard Piqué & Shakira

Do you want to generate trends? Are you a victim of digital culture? We assure you that these pieces will soon be on everyone's lips. Be the first to learn about them and argue about them

Maradona & Amy Winehouse

This route is aimed at those who never have enough. We propose an experience twice as many proposals, the top 20 hits of the 2016 edition

Nelson Mandela & Margarida Xirgu

Politics and theatre, political theatre, committed art and activism. This route offers a selection of pieces needed in a time of rampant deconstruction of democracy in the West.

Núria Feliu & Albert Om

Ladies and gentlemen, if you like the traditional style, shows that make you laugh and you can really understand, you should pause in this section and make a note of the following

Pilarín Bayés & Mrs. Doubtfire

Participative, fun and high quality tour. Specifically aimed at the smallest experts in the house, a public that we care about deeply. It includes pieces that can also be enjoyed together as a family

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ENTREVISTA A SIMONA LEVI Artista multidisciplinar. Activista. La Simona lluita per l’apoderament de la ciutadania i ara ho fa a través de l’obra de teatre HAZTE BANQUERO. Tarjetas Black: todo lo que quisieron ocultarte con sus propias palabras, que es podrà veure a FiraTàrrega 2016. Fundadora de la plataforma Xnet, a través de la qual [...]