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Professional biannual training programme for young people between 18 and 25 interested in curating the living arts. FiraTàrrega runs this programme together with other nearby festivals: Festival Sâlmon, Sismògraf d'Olot, Terrassa Noves Tendències (TNT) i Eufònic (La Ràpita),  and currently has the backing of the 6 local councils: el Prat del Llobregat, Alcover, Olot, Tàrrega, Terrassa and Martorell.També compta amb la complicitat de l'Ajuntament del Prat del Llobregat, l'Ajuntament d'Alcover, l'Ajuntament d'Olot, l'Ajuntament de Tàrrega, l'Ajuntament de Terrassa i l'Ajuntament de Martorell.

Through this, the young people (selected from those proposed by the participating municipalities) have the opportunity to experience 5 festivals of the living arts from inside and get to know this practice in depth, accompanied by creators, cultural managers and other agents in the sector.  They follow an annual route around all these festivals with different performing disciplines and with the aim of facilitating and sharing tools that go beyond artistic creation: contracting, construction of ephemeral events, the role of programmers, stage creation/curating, etc.

In each festival, there is different theme around the programming of living arts. Thus, the participants can experience both the theory and practice of these times in the living arts in this country and the specific territorial contexts of the participating festivals and municipalities.

After the experience of a year visiting these festivals, the following year, work is done with the two young people from each municipality in order to accompany them when they configure their own project for curating living arts which fits into the programme of each place and aimed mainly at a young audience.

  • Young people participating 2022 - 2023

Aida Iglesias (Alcover)

Alba Roig (Terres de l'Ebre)

Andrea Ruiz (Martorell)

Brenda Veron (Tàrrega)

Carla Puigderarajols (Tàrrega)

Carles Alemany (Martorell)

Ferran Amaya (El Prat)

Laia Marti (Alcover)

Loreto San Martin (El Prat)

Maria Planagumà (Olot)

Maria Rodriguez (Terrassa)

Melissa Rodriguez (El Prat)

Mercè Borràs (Terrassa)

Mercè Llimona (Olot)

Oscar Lleixa (Terres de l'Ebre)

Susana Alonso (El Prat)