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Suport a la Creació Terms of Participation

Economic conditions

  • FiraTàrrega will negotiate a fixed price with the company that will cover both the residency and functions carried out during the days of the Fair, in September.

  • 75% of this fee may be charged when the residency takes place in Tàrrega, upon presentation of an invoice.

  • FiraTàrrega will pay the remaining 25% once shows have been performed at the Fair, in September.

  • FiraTàrrega will provide a space for the company at La Llotja, as long as the company can adequately attend to it.

Residency conditions

  • A production schedule and budget, as well as a market roadmap, must be presented.

  • Companies are allowed up to 3 weeks to complete the residency. Dates will be arranged with FiraTàrrega.

  • The company will be required to perform a rehearsal that is open to the citizens of Tàrrega.

  • The company is required to conduct a session (conference, debate, artistic action...) in an educational centre in Tàrrega.

  • Rehearsals in the final location where the performance is to be held will be negotiated with the organization (times, materials, permits...).

  • The show must première at the Fair in September.

  • The company will be required to sign a contract with FiraTàrrega before the start of the residency.

FiraTàrrega will be responsible for

  • Infrastructure assignment.

  • Accommodation.

  • Advice (budget, artistic, technical, promotional, etc.).

  • Coordination of open rehearsals.

  • Support in finding other collaborators for the project.

FiraTàrrega will not be responsible for

  • The technical requirements of the production during the residency.

  • The company's subsistence allowance.

  • Travel expenses to Tàrrega/internal travel expenses.

  • Fungible goods.