FiraTàrrega. Teatre al carrer

Suport a la Creació Terms of Participation

Selection criteria

Proposals that work along the following lines will be particularly valued:

  • Research in the framework of the street and public space.
  • Ability to relate to the citizenry and/or the surroundings.
  • Current issues, debates, territories, identities.
  • Commitment to the values of gender perspective, sustainability and accessibility.
  • Coherence and viability of the proposal.
Financial conditions
  • FiraTàrrega will agree with the company a single payment that covers both the residency and the performances during La Fira. An amount for co-production and an amount for performance.

  • 75% of this payment can be collected when taking up residency in Tàrrega, upon presentation of a receipt.

  • FiraTàrrega will pay the remaining 25% after the performances at La Fira.

  • FiraTàrrega will offer the artist notable prominence on the on-line platform FiraTàrrega.Pro within the Territori Creatiu section.

Conditions of the residency
  • A production schedule and budget must be presented, as well as a roadmap for the market.

  • The companies will have a maximum period of 3 weeks to carry out the residency. The dates will be agreed with FiraTàrrega.

  • The company will perform an open rehearsal.

  • Rehearsals at the final venue for the piece shall be negotiated with the organisation (timetables, materials, permits and others).

During the residency, FiraTàrrega covers

  • Assignment and consumption of infrastructures.

  • Accommodation of the company.

  • Assessment (budgetary, artistic, market, technical, promotional).

  • Coordination of the open rehearsal of the creation.

  • Support for the search for other accomplices for the creation of the project.

FiraTàrrega does not cover

  • Technical data of the production during the residency.

  • Subsistence allowance for the company.

  • Transport to Tàrrega / internal transport.

  • Fungibles.

Conditions of exhibition in September
  • The show must be premiered at the Fira (September).

  • The company must accept the Terms of Participation established by the Administrative Board of La Fira and sign the corresponding contract.

Registration in the call

Those companies interested in presenting artistic proposals should fill in the registration form between the 20th of July and the 15th of September. The participating companies must accept these terms and conditions of participation.

Results of the call

The artistic management of FiraTàrrega will evaluate and select the projects presented. During December, FiraTàrrega will inform the participants whether they have been selected or not. If a project is selected, the residency will be coordinated jointly between the company and FiraTàrrega.

Participation in this call entails accepting that the final decision cannot be appealed against.

Period of implementation

The period of implementation of the Anuals projects will be from the 1st of January 2024 to the 8th of September 2024.

The period of implementation of the Guaret projects will be from the 1st of January 2024 to the 7th of September 2025.


The following mention must appear in all media supports linked to the project: Espectacle coproduït amb el suport del programa Territori Creatiu de FiraTàrrega.

Formalisation of the collaboration

Each company and/or artist selected is required to sign a contract for co-production with FiraTàrrega.