FiraTàrrega. Teatre al carrer

Objectives and skills


Catalan street arts serve as a great ambassador for our culture the world over. This type of artistic material has a lot of market potential abroad. FiraTàrrega has been leading the internationalization of this artistic product for quite some time. That is how the Graduate Diploma in Street Arts Creation between FiraTàrrega and the University of Lleida came about. It is a space dedicated to training new specialists in the discipline and reconverting active professionals; it acts as a bridge between the university and the market, based on artistic creation.

FiraTàrrega's Graduate Diploma in Street Arts Creation is a unique educational opportunity. Although part of the structure is dedicated to theoretical content, it is a fundamentally practical experience - an immersion in the discipline based on participation in student-run projects, collective projects and external projects. This practical experience not only involves artistic activity, it also touches on aspects of management, programming, dissemination or communication.

One of the main assets of this training opportunity is the team of professors.  We present a selection of the foremost experts from different corners of the world, who will contribute to building a broad global panorama of contemporary street arts. Nevertheless, the Graduate Diploma is also understood as a meeting point and a forum for dialog between future professionals and active professionals.

Skills and Professional Opportunities

The professional opportunities associated with this Graduate Diploma are numerous and interesting. The program is groundbreaking and covers a significant need that has been unmet in this country. It is intended as a trend laboratory, and a hotspot for creating content and styles and training future creative professionals. Students who complete the Graduate Diploma in Street Arts Creation will not only be ideally prepared to undertake writing a show intended for public space; they will also be capable of undertaking the tasks of production, sales and communication.

Professional opportunities can also tend toward artistic programming, teaching, documentation, or journalistic analysis and criticism of street arts.