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Methodology and Grading

The thematic areas of the Graduate Diploma are structured into 3 modules that combine different educational approaches, such as lecture sessions, in-class debates, case studies, problem-based learning, hands-on experience, readings, excursions, projects, seminars and tutoring sessions.

The evaluation for the Graduate Diploma program is ongoing and is based on three main areas:

  • Module final projects. Required, to be handed in 15 days after the final session of each module. The module final projects will represent 50% of the final grade (calculated by averaging the 3 projects). Delivery dates: Module 1: 04/03/2017 Module 2: 19/06/2017 Module 3: 03/07/2017
  • Final project. The core of each student's individual work. The final project for the Graduate Diploma is an academic project that encompasses the comprehensive conception of an artistic project (from different areas, corresponding to the modules in the program and applying the material covered during the coursework). The final project will represent 50% of the final grade. Delivery date: 21/07/2017
  • The postgraduate course is class-based and a minimum attendance level of 75% is required.


  • Projects for the 3 modules: 50%
  • Final project: 50%