FiraTàrrega. Teatre al carrer

#FiraTàrrega Voices 2014

The FiraTàrrega Voices are seven people with cultural judgement and active profiles on social networking
sites, who give us their personal perspective on FiraTàrrega. Follow them! By their tweets ye shall know them! 

Clara Narvion

I'm journalist and addicted to any theatre, music and any evening event happening in my town. Content to be part of the Time Out Barcelona team, where I pass my time happily.

TW | IG @claranarvion

Isabel Brummer

I coordinate 15 students from the School of Communication & Media of INHolland, University of Applied Sciences of the The Hague (NL) in a project that aims to promote FiraTàrrega in social networks. We are the eyes and ears of European Internet users interested in the performing arts.

TW @INHonthespot


Jaume Ramon

I'm native of Tàrrega, journalist and lover of social networks. I work at @LaTdP and I'm also part of @AgratTarrega, an organization that has revolutionized the town and its citizens. A fan of @FiraTarrega since birth.

TW | IG @jaumeramon6         


Josep M. Ganyet

I am a digital ethnographer, and lecturer in Audiovisual Communication at the UPF and an entrepreneur at Mortensen. I work in radio and television and I'm a social media activist.

TW | IG @ganyet

Leti Rodríguez

Letibop, SMM at Moritz. Passionate about music, reading, art, photography and everything related to culture and entertainment.

TW | IG @letibop

Maite Guisado

I am a specialist in performing arts at TVE. Unconditional of FiraTàrrega. Diffuser. 


Manuel Pérez

I'm a journalist. I run the digital magazine @Entreacte_ and coordinate @Recomana_ among other freelance projects. You can also find me at the Retaule de Meravelles blog.

TW | IG @ManelPiM