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In order to compensate for the drop in artistic hiring caused by the COVID-19 pandemic and to stimulate the street arts market, FiraTàrrega is launching the Nomadic Circuit to implicate arts programmers from Catalonia and the rest of the Spanish state in a network of artistic proposals, selected by FiraTàrrega, to be exhibited in the towns and cities of different territories throughout 2021.

This offering represents the equivalent of the artistic programming suspended from the 2020 edition of FiraTàrrega and is drawn from two artistic calls opened in 2019, from the artistic proposals contributed by autonomous communities in agreement with FiraTàrrega as well as from some shows which have been unable to be programmed at various strategic festivals in Catalonia during the lockdown.

The Nomadic Circuit project is not just an artistic offering but rather contemplates, in addition, activities designed to stimulate the performing arts market and establish links between audience members and the territory.

Goals of the Circuit

  • Promote the creators' artistic work.

  • Activate the performing arts market on a national and state-wide level, with international links.

  • Offer local residents a live, on-site arts programme.

  • Reinforce the presence of local street arts and stable programming.

  • Create or reinforce professional links to other events and territories.

Organisation, management and funding

FiraTàrrega is responsible for the organisation, management and total or partial funding of the costs associated with the programming of this show catalogue, without renouncing the search for partners who may offer knowledge or specific contributions, nor shared funding formulas based on the production needs of the scenic creations.

FiraTàrrega will promote activities to develop both professionals and the sector, through both the La Llotja Online platform and in-person at the most relevant stops on the Circuit, in close cooperation with the cultural agents of the territory and the sector.

The circuit is made possible by the complicity of COFAE, the Street Arts Platform and the professional associations with whom it maintains stable relationships (AADPC, ADGAE, APCC, PATEA and TTP) and calls upon all networks, associations, stage venues, festivals, centres of production and artistic residency and stable programmes, from Catalonia, the Spanish State or further abroad, who wish to incorporate this offering into their programmes.

For more information, write to us at cies(ELIMINAR)