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General 08/02/2011 Mike Ribalta

FiraTàrrega is invited to visit the Cascas project in Stockholm

Defined by its promoters as an ‘experiment’, Cascas is a European project led by four major organizations in the development of circus and street arts. It is aim at providing information and support to European professionals and put programmers and artists who have little chance to travel around Europe into contact with each other. There will be meetings in the four countries that are leading the current development of street arts and circus in Europe: Belgium, UK, Finland and Sweden.
The project was born during an informal meeting in Tàrrega between the festivals’ directors, the leaders of the project. The project was conceived over dinner. Once home, it was put into black and white and later received a European grant. The project circulated an open invitation to professionals interested in participating in the meetings that will take place in each of the countries involved in the action. Around 250 professionals applied, of whom about 80 will take part in this first edition.
The first meeting will be held in the renovated Hangaren creation centre in Stockholm, during the Subtopia festival, which is directed by Kiki Muukkonen. She has kindly invited FiraTàrrega to participate in the meeting from the 14th to the 19th of February. It will be a unique opportunity to contact the performing arts in the Scandinavian countries, with which Catalonia does not have close enough links. We will inform you about the results on our return.
We look forward to contacting and seducing many professionals participating in the meeting to come to the next edition of FiraTàrrega, which would widen our relations with the creators who register every year.
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