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Terms and conditions 2020

FiraTàrrega and the Ramon Llull Institute are publishing a call addressed to creators who, on an individual basis, wish to present a research proposal for the writing of an artistic creation linked to performing arts and the public space.

The goal of this programme is to contribute to the development of writing processes in the best conditions, through research, knowledge sharing and mentoring from experts selected to ensure the excellence of the writing, investigation and creation.

In the framework of this call, two proposals will be selected through the following criteria:

  • Artistic and technical quality of the projects in the area of research.

  • Coherence and viability of the execution of the project.

  • Artistic experience in the research area, culture and creation.

  • Awareness of gender, sustainability and accessibility issues.

  • Suitability of the sources on which the research is based and, in particular, the use of unpublished sources.

  • Mastery of written and spoken Catalan language.

The projects will be executed from 1 November 2020 through 12 September 2021.

The chosen participants will work with experts selected by the organisation to facilitate the exchange of knowledge and provide mentoring that guarantees the excellence of the writing, investigation and creation.

Proposals for participation

All individuals interested in presenting their candidacy must send, from 20 July through 24 August 2020, the following documents, in PDF format, to the address hivernem(ELIMINAR)

a) Research project proposal in a minimum of 10 pages and a maximum of 15, which must include the following content:

  • Research topic.

  • Research goals and main ideas to develop.

  • Detailed outline of the research/work.

  • Documentary sources to be consulted.

  • Bibliographic, periodical and other sources to be employed.

  • Methodology to be followed to develop the thesis of the research.

  • Methodology of self-assessment of the research process.

  • Plan of work, duly timed, which includes the two periods of residency and the tasks to accomplish during these stays.

b) Curriculum vitae of the applicant (three pages maximum)

Conditions of participation

I. The applicant selected must:

b) Have professional and/or artistic experience in the cultural sphere. Special consideration will be given to experience in performing arts and the public space and the link to the creative fabric of the Catalan cultural sphere.
b) Demonstrate mastery of Catalan and Spanish. Knowledge of French and English will also be considered in the applicant's favour.
c) Guarantee that he/she will follow the programme development plan which has been agreed upon with the organisation.
d) Guarantee the submission of documentation on the artistic research process by the deadlines agreed upon with the organisation.
e) Availability to give public presentations on the results of the research, agreed upon with the organisation.
f) Exclusively waive the rights of use (whole or in part, in any format) of the result of the research for a period of two years, as well as the rights of public communication in a non-exclusive way not limited by time, location or dissemination platform.

II. The programme will grant the selected applicants:

a) A monetary sum of 3,770 euros (before taxes) for the development of the research. The payments will be deposited in two amounts: the first, of €1,855, after the first residency, upon the presentation of a summary, at least three pages long, explaining the state of development of the research; and the second, of €1,855, at the end of the project, once the final document exposing the artistic result has been submitted.

b) A guidance process led by national and international experts of recognised prestige in the subject or discipline addressed by the proposal.

c) Diverse processes of residency per participant

  • A 5-day residency of thought, in November 2020, at FaberLlull in Olot, with travel, room and board covered by the programme.

  • A 5-day working residency, between January and March 2021, at FiraTàrrega in Tàrrega, with travel, room and board covered by the programme.

  • An international knowledge-sharing residency, to occur online or in-person depending on the requirements of the work methodology and the context.

The deadline for submitting the final artistic research project is: 1 July 2021. Two complete copies, one on paper and one in an electronic format, in Catalan, will be submitted, with the possibility of having to present a copy in the language of the international expert with whom the resident has worked.

The public presentation of the final research project will take place in the context of FiraTàrrega 2021 (from 9 to 12 September).

"Hivernem is a programme co-organised by FiraTàrrega and the Ramon Llull Institute." This mandatory mention must appear on all communication media linked to this project.