FiraTàrrega. Teatre al carrer

Terms of Participation

The companies that present a proposal for artistic participation in FiraTàrrega and are selected for the official programme have to accept the Conditions of Participation established by the Board of FiraTàrrega, and sign the corresponding contract.

Financial conditions

The companies in the Official Programme will receive a set amount to cover general expenses and transport.

Accommodation and expenses of the companies

Number of people
The Fira shall count as members of a company, for accommodation and board purposes the number of actors/actresses who appear in the work and a person who may attend in the role of technical staff.

The Fira, through a catering service available in Tarrega, will provide board for the company according to the times and days of their performance or performances. The Fira does not provide breakfast.

The companies that take part in FiraTàrrega will be provided with accommodation in Tàrrega or Lleida depending on availability. Companies coming from abroad will have priority for lodging in Tàrrega. La Fira has its own bus service between Tàrrega and Lleida.

Technical conditions

The technical conditions submitted to the Artistic Direction at the moment of the negotiation of the programming of the piece is what will be validated as final. Any subsequent change in this requirements will be in charge of the company.

The Fair will not provide any type of staging material or consumables (such as gelatine, lights, pyrotechnics...) nor musical or audiovisual projectors.

Fair technicians are responsible for installing the equipment and support assembly. Company technicians are responsible for assembly and its function.


The companies selected for the Official Programme must reserve the dates and be available to perform on any of the days during the Fira. Each street arts company will have to do a minimum of three performances, which initially will be distributed between the four days of FiraTàrrega. On the other hand, indoor companies will perform two shows at least, also distributed between the four days of FiraTàrrega.


These “Conditions of participation” for the companies are subject and subordinate to the contract that shall be signed by the company and the Board of the Fira.