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Thursday, 25 June 2015

Five Catalan companies with links to FiraTàrrega present their projects at the Greenwich+Docklands Festival

The presence of the five companies is possible thanks to the collaboration between the festival and the Catalan Government's (Generalitat de Catalunya) Institute of Cultural Businesses, with the cooperation of FiraTàrrega; a partnership that has already proved successful in previous years

Tàrrega - 25th June 2014Greenwich+Docklands International Festival (GDIF) once again welcomes the Catalan participation at their festival. From 26th to 28th June, a total of 5 Catalan companies will travel to London to present their innovative ideas, new or recently launched projects that hope to reach an international audience. The event will be part of the professional ambit of the festival, organised by the XTRAX, and will consist of a session in which companies can present and pitch their projects in the hope of appealing to a foreign market. 

Carla Rovira, one of the artists from the FiraTàrrega 2015 Creativity Support Programme, will present her proposal MOST OF ALL, YOU'VE GOT TO HIDE FROM THE CHICKS. Conceived from questions like What do children hide? and What do we not want them to see? Rovira outlines a project which is made up of a research stage and a creation stage. The first was focused on penetrating the relationship between children and theatre, working with children aged 9 to 16, with the aim of building their relationship with performing arts and promoting their active participation as an audience. Following on from the results of this research, the second stage takes the form of a performance inspired by the figure of Mrs Robinson (from the film The Graduate). 

The Catalan clown Leandre presents ICEBERG, a performance in which a group of clowns find themselves waiting on an iceberg in the middle of nowhere; an iceberg that could be an island, a last refuge, or an expression of emptiness, loneliness, or the soul. The work is an ode to happiness, optimism and beauty.

Also travelling to London is PURPUSII from the company En Diciembre. The performance incorporates singing, dancing, text, a Cyr Wheel and vertical poles, through which the characters display spectacular extremes of physical ability. This is a circus production that recreates an oneiric and fluid reality, imbalance, personal universes and poetic twists.     

Choreographer Vero Cendoya presents LA PARTIDA, inspired by the world of Paolo Zucca's film L'arbitro (The Referee). The performance unites contemporary dance with football, with five dancers, five footballers and a referee on stage to demonstrate similarities and differences between two apparently unrelated disciplines in a reflection on the needs and priorities of human beings. Passion and humour, strength and sensitivity, and animality and sophistication confront each other in a game where the main characters and the audience are fighting for their lives on the pitch. The show is backed by El Graner (Centre de Creació del Cos i el Moviment - Centre of Corporal Creativity and Movement)

THE TRAVEL&CORNER AGENCY is a travelling exhibition by Marga Socias which approaches the city from a collective, sensorial, fantastic, and primarily playful and entertaining perspective. A journey through its streets and alleys that offers a different vision and outlook; a tour of wandering, of stories that transport us to other times, and of an understanding or appropriation of place, interpersonal relationships and self-discovery. A unique chance to cross over to the other side of reality.    

GDIF is one of the principal festivals in the United Kingdom. It unites over 150 performances from international companies and 30 British companies. It is held between 26th June and 6th July in the London borough of Greenwich