FiraTàrrega. Teatre al carrer

Support for creation

FiraTàrrega is a permanent dynamic structure that works all year to support the arts and artists contributing to the creation of new markets for street arts.

Through the Suport for Creation Programme, the fair provides an annual artistic residency plan that includes two lines of action: Creation Laboratories and Creative Residences. Whether in one case or another, the whole structure of FiraTàrrega is put at the service of the artists that stay in Tàrrega to create their performances.

Thus, the fair maintains an active network of international alliances in order to promote and finance transnational creation projects that materialize with the co-production of transborder street arts shows.

Creation labs

The Creation Lab is an annual FiraTàrrega competition that has the objective of encouraging the production of street performances. This initiative is aimed at young artists interested in producing shows for an urban scenario. Aimed at artists from the circus, dance and theatre. Theatre companies, artists or creators with administrative residency in Catalonia can apply for this competition.

History of selected companies

Creative residences

By means of the residencies, FiraTàrrega offers companies their infrastructure so they can carry out their creations in the best conditions, enjoy counselling, logistical, technical and promotional support.

Transnational productions

FiraTàrrega would like to encourage the participation of Catalan artists in transnational creation projects, by means of networks, festivals or the projects with which we collaborate and participate.