FiraTàrrega. Teatre al carrer

Professors and Directors

One of the Graduate Diploma's most important assets is the teaching staff. A selection of prestigious professionals including producers, artists, thinkers, the artistic directors of festivals, fairs and other cultural forums, etc. will share their knowledge and experience.

Teaching Staff

  • Lluís Bonet, researcher and director of the Master's Program in Cultural Management, UB
  • Maria Buhigas, architect
  • Ernesto Collado, artist
  • Manuel Delgado, anthropologist and professor at the UB
  • Jordi Duran, artistic director of FiraTàrrega
  • Sergi Estebanell, artist
  • Paco González, architect and urban planner
  • Jordi Jané, researcher, critic and professor of circus arts
  • John Lee, artist and director of Degree in Street Arts at University of Winchester
  • Simona Levi, multidisciplinary artist and director of Conservas
  • Eva Marichalar, artist and professor at Universitat de Vic
  • Àngel Mestres, general manager of Trànsit Projects
  • Jordi Planas, director of the Escola Superior de Tècnics de l'Espectacle
  • Octavi Rofes, anthropologist and professor at Eina (UAB)
  • Pep Salazar, cultural manager and director of the Festival OFFF
  • Mercè Saumell, researcher and professor at Institut del Teatre in Barcelona
  • Marga Socias, artist
  • Esteve Soler, playwright
  • Pepe Zapata, expert in comnunication & marketing


  • Jordi Duran Roldós, artistic director of FiraTàrrega
  • Oriol Martí Sambola, executive director of FiraTàrrega


  • Anna M. Giribet Argilés, Programming technician for FiraTàrrega