FiraTàrrega. Teatre al carrer

Official Programme


Mini Package

FiraTàrrega for children.

Multiplayer Option

Enjoy FiraTàrrega as a group. Consensus proposals for varied collectives.

Slow Tàrrega

If the fast pace of the centre's programming is a hassle, you may also enjoy FiraTàrrega quietly at a different pace.

The fair before it was cool

The fair for nostalgics. Very playful proposals. Guaranteed entertainment!


Do you feel different and have different values? The most advanced side of FiraTàrrega and probably with the most personality.

Youngster Route

A route for demading youths.

Track Stars

Itineraries for circus lovers and its related artistic practices.

Vampire Route

Are you allergic to the sun? A selection of events to not see the light of day and enjoy the best theatre shows at FiraTàrrega.

Hardcore Route

Extreme. Dedicated to huge fans of the fair. The best! (Extra selection of twenty shows)

Billie Elliot Package

Live dance in all its possibilities.