FiraTàrrega. Teatre al carrer

Official Programme



A route designed by professional opinion formers from the portal specializing in reviews of the performing arts.

100% Tàrrega - Experience Package

A series of shows that will provide you with an all terrain experience. Some things only happen in Tàrrega

FiraTàrrega 15-M

A journey marked by commitment. If your thing is participating in demonstrations and going to plaça de Catalunya or the Puerta del Sol, or you think contemporary art has been taken over by the bourgeois, than this is the place for you!

Tàrrega Hipster

Modernity is perhaps, like adolescence, a flu that we overcome with the passing of years. Or not. This pack is designed for local hipsters and those from all over. Long live the beard and independent thinking!

Granny package

If you think street arts are just for young people or you believe that theatre is only good when viewed from a box, well, you are an aunt and we have what you want

Billy Elliot Package

Dance for all tastes, and good at that. Even for those who always say they 'do not understand' or 'they do not know

Extreme sports

Have you gotten into a mess. If I were you, I wouldn't even try. Shall we continue? Ah, so you like risks? If you are looking for excitement, this is your programme

If Fellini were alive today...

Some still think the circus is a crazy genre where people act stupid and dress in bright tights. They may be right in some cases but in others the truth is what is wrong and by far. Fall in love with the circus, crazy or not at FiraTàrrega 2015

My moustache grows, my tits grows

If you are between 12 and 18 years of age then do not pay much attention to what I advise. This selection is not for you, then. Get it?

Snotty Package

A route for the little ones who are 12 or younger (Don't worry adults, this choice is also designed for you

Slow Tàrrega

You have the right to get old, to sit on the ground and make yourself a mountain due to osteoarthritis or look however you want. This programme is also for gourmets and lovers of a contemplative life