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Participate in the 2017 FiraTàrrega inaugural action


urGENTestimar is the inaugural action of FiraTàrrega 2017. An art project undertaken by Ada Vilaró and Josep Perelló, an artist and a scientist, both multidisciplinary, involving individuals, associations, spectators in a scientific and artistic research on love, coexistence, respect and the acceptance of others.

The project will be displayed for 40 hours straight in the Plaça Major of Tàrrega the 7th and 8th of September, with different actions and different rituals: eating, sleeping, walking, running, watching, sharing... which will have the participation of different groups in the city. On the other hand it also involves a process of citizen science shared with all those who want to interact through a collective conversation group that will formulate questions and dilemmas about your relationships with others, health, the future, housing and many other issues. All this in order to awaken the urge to love and to look at those you have right in front of you.

How can I participate in this collective conversation?

1) If you do not have it installed already, download the chat application Telegram on your mobile phone.

2) Search for @urGENTestimar_bot. Enter it and type "Hello" *

From there we start a conversation by sharing our concerns and reinforce positive actions for improved social collectives. Thus, you will be the star of the action and your participation will enable us to get to know each other through an investigation of citizen science at the University of Barcelona. After the fair, the information collected will be subject to a more elaborate processing.

If you want to add new questions in the chat, you can propose them by filling out this form.

Among those participating in this conversation we will raffle five pairs of tickets for shows at FiraTàrrega 2017.

* If you leave the chat, just write UNSUBSCRIBE in the thread of the conversation.

All data collected in this process will be treated confidentially and processed in accordance with the current Data Protection Act.