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Off Zone

Since 2013, the Off Zone initiative has aimed to promote coexistence between Off artists and the FiraTàrrega official programme. From its organizing, we condition a series of spaces where the Off companies can act during the fair under their own responsibility.

The use of these areas is subject to five basic rules

  1. RESPECT the performance of official events
  2. DO NOT ASSEMBLE STRUCTURES that compromise safety or block the passage of people
  3. Electrical OUTLETS CAN BE USED unless they interfere with the official shows
  4. MAXIMUM DURATION of performances: 45 minutes
  5. AUTHORIZED HOURS: 11:00 to 02:00, from Thursday to Sunday

Equipped spaces

  • Accés Pl. Carme (behind Ateneu)
  • Pl. Anselm Claver
  • C. Carme / C. Sta. Anna
  • Pl. Major
  • Pl. St. Antoni

You can see the location within the city on the map.

Thanks for your support!